Hanggliding Tandem-Flights by BumbleBee

Hanggliding Tandem-Flights by BumbleBee Ab CHF 230

Come feel the BUZZ!! Hanggliding is flying in its purest form. Fast, flat just like you dream. Catch thermals and up-drafts, experience wing-overs, stalls, dives or just a simple easy float over Interlaken. Flying in Interlaken offers a great view over the Swiss Alps and the lakes around it. Come join the freindly team Bumble Bee for the real flying feeling!!

Maximum Weight: 90 Kg (200 Lbs)


A Interlaken landing zoneB Interlaken office/base

Google maps link


  • Pick up at agreed location
  • 15 min. drive to flying-location
  • Short walk to take-off
  • Safety & take-off instructions
  • Flight Equipment (helmet, harness, shoes and windbreaker)
  • Amazing Flight 10 - 20 Minutes
  • Safe Landing in town
  • Picture / video service available
  • Enjoy a free beer to celebrate 
  • laid-back atmosphere
  • friendly and professional team
  • Epic Views
  • Stalls, Dives and Wing-Overs
  • Landing in middle of town